Paul & Amy 
Thanks so much for a great job at my Mom's.  All of us are very pleased with it.  Put me on your referral list!  Also, thanks for taking the chance to do business with me long distance.
                                              C. Adams   
​To the uninitiated, the greatest compliment to a professional in his trade comes from those in-the-know; more specifically, those that follow.

In the case of Thomason Concrete (who poured our basement walls and floor), the kudos came from a host of professionals that built upon their work.

The house framers or "ruffers" as they are called had only good things to say about the walls, no buckling, bowing, wavey walls, or irregularities - all straight and true.

And the same holds true for THE LEVEL of the pour from one corner of the building to the far diagonal reaches of the other side - transit laser precision, the framers did not have to shim or elevate any portion of the deck to make it level.

Unexpectedly, other contractors, further down the line, praised their work as well.  

Thomason Concrete takes an obvious pride in their work and they stand on their reputation of delivering quality to the job site.

K. Morton, 11/18
 I was at the job site early this morning.  The floor looks great!     A. Szafran

We were very happy with the service and quality that you provided on our addition.  Your staff was hard working, skilled and professional.
Additional references provided upon request.

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